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Les dernières actualités de l'association

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The Associative Project

Association Les Eaux Vives

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The association Les Eaux Vives finds its origin and its richness, in its history, with the women and the men who invest and succeed since 1976, to make it live and to evolve its project: to fight for the inclusion the poorest.

Thus, over the years, she has developed a know-how and a well-being with the poorest by offering them services that fit their situations. This skill earned him recognition in the field of social and medico-social action.

Through its reception, accommodation and integration services, it implements actions, establishments following the evolution of the needs of people in great social and / or psychological difficulty and by integrating the users of the association into the construction of projects.

To strengthen its mission and commitment to the foundation composed by the three active forces of the association - users, volunteers and employees - the association is affiliated since May 2013 to Emmaus France.

Adhering to the National Federation of Reception and Social Reintegration Associations (FNARS), to the Regional Union of Private Health and Social Institutions and Organizations (URIOPSS), to the Regional Union of Training Organizations (UROF), it participates actively to the GCSMS SIAO-44 (integrated reception and orientation service, in charge of the 115 and the SAMU SOCIAL), and contributes, with its local partners, to change the policies for the fight for the inclusion of the most nots.

fichier pdf pdf file We invite you to read the 2015-2019 community project for more information..


Les Eaux vives en chiffres


Année de création : 1975

89 Salariés dont 74 en CDI

3557 Bénéficiaires par an  

24550 Repas  

18 Établissements et services  

261 Logements     690 Places

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